dog with newborn puppy 
This is Abbie, a 2 year old Jack Russell terrier. Abbie's owners had decided to breed a litter of pups from her and after carefully selecting a lovely dog to mate her, the wait was on for the puppies to arrive. We scanned Abbie at approximately 5 weeks and confirmed that she was definitely pregnant and that all the puppies looked healthy and well.

Abbie went into labour on a Sunday afternoon and all was going well with 2 big healthy bouncing pups being born with no trouble at all. Her owners kept a close eye on her as we had seen four puppies on the scan so they knew there were more to come. After a while of contractions, Abbie seemed to be getting tired and had stopped pushing so her owner very wisely called us out to have a look at Abbie and see why she wasn't progressing with the delivery. On examination, vet Megan found that there was a puppy stuck in the birth canal and despite Abbie's best efforts it wasn't moving. Concerned about the health of the unborn puppies as well as Abbie, we decided to perform an emergency Caeserian section.

Abbie was brought to the Maybole surgery and it was all hands on deck with 2 vets and a nurse on site to perform the surgery and help to revive the puppies as they were born.

It was an anxious wait for Abbie's worried owner as another 2 live puppies were delivered and rescuscitated. Abbie recovered well from the anaesthetic and when she woke she was surpised to find her brood had doubled!

3 of the 4 puppies were the same colour as Abbie but one of the boys was the most unusual beautiful champagne and white colour, we all wondered where he came from!

puppies in a box

Abbie came back into the surgery 2 days after her surgery and by this time had settled into the role of motherhood. She had her stitches out 10 days later and was good as new.