brown dog with swollen face
This is Maggie, a 1 year old Labrador cross who was bitten by an adder when she and her family were camping in the countryside. Her owner knew immediately that she had been bitten and rushed her straight into our Ayr surgery. As the minutes passed, poor Maggie's face begin to swell up and got bigger and bigger. We were very concerned that the swelling would begin to close off Maggie's airways and stop her breathing so she had to stay in with us for the weekend for intensive treatment and constant monitoring.

Her owners were very worried about her but Maggie was a great patient and after two days on a drip and lots of medication, she was able to go home.

dog and a child

This is Maggie 5 days after her adder bite looking back to normal and happy to be back with her owner. Adders are small snakes and common in grassy areas during the summer months. They can give a very nasty bite and although not usually fatal, can cause a lot of pain and severe swelling around the site as you can see from Maggie's picture. The big concern is that the swelling will interfere with the breathing ans can cause rapid asphyxiation if not treated promptly. If you suspect your pet has been bitten by and adder, get it to the vets ASAP!  Maggie's owner did just that and the outcome was a happy one!