cat with one eye 

This is Toby Gracie, a 5 year old cat who was brought into our Ayr surgery by his owner as an emergency on Valentine’s day. Toby had been hit by a car and was in a very bad state when he arrived. He had mainly suffered head injuries including a badly damaged left eye, a fractured jaw and he was in a state of shock.

Toby was initially treated for shock and was put on a drip. He was given strong pain killers and kept comfortable until he was strong enough to undergo surgery the following day. Unfortunately Toby’s left eye was too badly damaged to be saved and had to be removed. During the surgery to remove his eye, we also wired his fractured jaw and placed an oesophageal feeding tube so we could syringe feed Toby while his jaw was healing. Here is a photo of Toby a few days after his surgery. 

cat with stitches over one eye

Unfortunately that wasn’t the end of Toby’s troubles. He had lost the sight in his right eye due to stretching of the nerves at the back of the eye and the head trauma he had received. Only time would tell if his sight would ever return. Not surprisingly, Toby was quite depressed for the first few weeks after his accident but his owner did everything she could to try and keep him as happy as possible. He received food through the tube in his neck for the first couple of weeks but then started to eat on his own. Over the next 4 – 6 weeks Toby’s sight gradually began to return and he now has complete vision in his right eye. The feeding tube was removed and a few weeks later the wire in his jaw was also removed.

 cat with a tube on


This is Toby with his feeding tube which is kept in place by his wee jumper!

Here you can see the wire below Toby’s chin.


cat on a tbale 

Here is a recent photo of a happy and healthy Toby who is keen to get outside already. Let’s hope he stays well away from cars in the future!  

cat next to a window