County Vets are happy to provide services for your reptiles although we are not experts in this field and so will sometimes refer your pet to a specialist for further investigation or seek expert advice for more complicated cases.

Most of the problems we see in reptiles are related to poor husbandry or diet. Most reptiles require to be kept in a vivarium which must be kept within certain temperature ranges for different species. Special light sources are also required which allow the reptile to absorb calcium from their diet otherwise their bones can become very weak. Humidity is another important factor as some of the more tropical species need high humidity in the environment and some of the desert species need a lower level of moisture. Reptiles may be carnivores, omnivores or herbivores. As you can see there is lots to know about keeping reptiles as pets so it is extremely important to do your research and purchase all the correct equipment before acquiring a reptile.


If you have any concerns at all please call to speak to one of our vets or book an appointment for your pet.

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