Our feline friends make fantastic companions and are now one of the most popular domestic pets in the UK. If you acquire a new kitten or adult cat please bring it along to our surgery where we can carry out a complete health check. It may be appropriate to start a vaccination course at this time if the kitten is 9 weeks old or more. We also advise worming your kitten from 6 weeks of age, which can now be done with a spot-on wormer.

Vaccinations prevent serious infections which could result in the death of your cat. Kittens start their primary vaccination course from 9 weeks old and have two injections 3-4 weeks apart. They receive a single booster thereafter to maintain high levels of immunity. We usually vaccinate against two types of Feline influenza (herpes virus and calici virus) and also a type of enteritis known as Panleucopaenia. This basic vaccination course is usually required by all catteries. If your cat is going to go have access to outside we would also recommend vaccinating against feline leukaemia virus. This is a fatal disease which is spread during fighting or mating. Vaccination courses may need to be re-started if the annual boosters lapse.

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