Veterinary Fees

There is no NHS for animals and therefore all Veterinary Practices are Private. The costs involved in building, maintaining, stocking and equipping the practice are all borne by the Principal, as are the wages of all the staff together with their continuing education.

A fee is charged for each visit and all services that are provided by the practice. We welcome the opportunity to give an estimate of any possible costs involved. We accept payment by Cash, Cheque or Credit Card (Mastercard, Visa, American Express, Switch or Delta).

Please do not be afraid to discuss fees with us. This is best done before any treatment is started so that you are fully aware of the potential charges. We do not operate an account system but require payment at the time, in order to keep our costs down for all our clients and reduce the possibility of bad debts.


We strongly encourage the concept of Pet Insurance which removes many of the worries and concerns over the costs of veterinary medicine. We are happy to offer advice on this subject.

Injuries and illnesses can be unexpected and they can prove expensive if they require prolonged or specialist veterinary treatment. Insuring you pet means your vet fees will be covered if your pet becomes ill or has an accident. Advancements in drugs and technology mean we can now diagnose many more conditions and provide the best treatment possible but this can unfortunately prove expensive. For example very successful hip replacements can now be carried out at referral practices but could set you back about £2000. Horses can prove even more expensive if they require referral and a colic surgery with post-operative care could cost in excess of £5000. Luckily, many conditions can be treated at our practice relatively cheaply but long-term conditions such as heart, skin or joint disease can become a financial burden. Having your pet insured means you as an owner and us as vets can have peace of mind knowing there are no financial constraints involved in the investigation and treatment of your pet. Most insurance policies also cover against third party liability, theft and accidental death. 

With so many policies around it can be difficult choosing the right one for you. Looking on comparison websites and also can help with your decision. We would always recommend policies which give lifelong cover as some of the cheaper policies will only cover a condition for a year. Remember that every policy has an excess which cannot be reclaimed. It should be noted that you are liable for the costs involved in the treatment of you pet(s) but you can claim back the fees from your insurance company (with our help) after you have paid your account with us.

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