We are pleased to announce the addition of a state-of-the-art digital radiography system at County Vets.  Our goal of providing the highest quality of veterinary medicine cannot be achieved without the sophisticated diagnostic tools we use in the practice daily.  Radiography (x-ray) is an essential diagnostic tool that allows us to evaluate soft-tissue and boney structures.  Our new digital x-ray unit speeds up the turnaround for radiographs which allows us to quickly diagnose problems and therefore treat your pets more rapidly.

The benefits of our new digital radiography system include:

  • improved diagnostic imaging with enlargement capabilities and computer enhancements such as measurement and notation
  • increased safety as chemicals are no longer needed and a faster exposure time means less radiation stray for pets and staff
  • less x-rays require to be taken which means less radiation exposure and less time under sedation/general anaesthetic for your pet

Digital radiography also allows us to keep all of your pet’s images on their computer file and also means we can email them to yourself or to referral institutes if required.

Note: our digital x-ray system is portable which allows us to use it in all other species, most commonly in horses.

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