Getting a puppy can be an exciting time for all involved but please think carefully about the breed which would suit your household best.  We would also advise not to underestimate the time and effort that will be required to convert your playful boisterous pup into a well-trained and well-adjusted adult who will become a friend for life. Please bring your new pet along for a full health check at the surgery where we would love to meet them.


We recommend worming pups from 2 weeks old (if you have bred the puppies yourself) and repeating this every 2 weeks until the puppies are 12 weeks old. Thereafter worming should be carried out monthly until they’re are 6 months old then every 3 months throughout their life. Puppies can be vaccinated from 6 weeks old but it is most common to vaccinate puppies from 8 weeks old. 


Vaccinations are required to prevent your dog acquiring serious infections which they may succumb to. The primary vaccination course consists of 2 vaccinations 2-4 weeks apart, usually starting when the puppy is about 8 weeks old. Full immunity from the primary course is not present until 2 weeks after the last vaccination so it is important not to allow the pup to walk outside or mix with unvaccinated dogs. They receive a yearly booster thereafter to maintain high levels of immunity. If the booster lapses the primary course may need to be re-started. The vaccinations protect against : Distemper, Canine Adenovirus (Hepatitis), Canine Parvovirus, Parainfluenza and Leptospirosis (2 types) all of which can have deadly consequences.

We would also advise vaccinating your dog against the highly infectious Kennel Cough which is caused by a variety of viruses and a bacteria called Bordetella. The vaccination is given in the form of drops, given in one nostril. The vaccine lasts a year and covers the worst form of kennel cough (Bordetella Infection) and now includes a Para-influenza-3 virus. This vaccine will not protect against every cough your dog may pick up but does protect against the most serious.

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