We have several vets qualified OCV(Q) Ux to complete horse export certificates should you wish to transport any horse abroad.

When horses/ponies are exported to foreign countries, they will usually require a vet’s inspection within 48 hours of leaving. All animal exports have to be approved and be issued with certifiaction through DEFRA (Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs).

An Export Health Certificate will have to be completed by the vet. Some countries will require blood tests, swabs or quarantine. This will be stipulated by the importing country and will be detailed in the Export Health Certificate. The Export Health Certificate needs to accompany the horse on its journey.

If quarantine, blood tests and/or swabs are needed, it is important to find this out from DEFRA as soon as possible after you have taken the decision to export the horse. These tests will have to be done in advance of the export and if quarantine is required this will have to be set up.

The horse owner or transporter should contact DEFRA to apply for an Export Health Certificate and DEFRA will forward it to us. When it arrives, we will contact you to arrange to carry out the inspection and complete the certificate.

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