Dog Vaccinations

Keeping your dogs vaccination upto date is a crucial part of your dogs health?After your dogs initial puppy vaccines, your dog should receive a ‘booster’ every 12 months ? The vet that will see your dog will know exactly what your dog needs for its vaccine if your dog has been vaccinated previously with us, or if your bring your vaccine card along with you ? And even better…. We will give your dog a health check when you come along for your yearly booster too?We also offer an extra optional vaccine for ‘kennel cough’ which covers for the most common strains of kennel cough. This vaccine does not prevent your dog from getting kennel cough as there are many strains… but it does protect them from the most common strains and lessens the symptoms if they do come in contact with it?So have a check of your vaccine cards as your dog might be due their booster soon! Give us a little call next week to get it booked in! If you have missed your yearly booster, don’t worry! We can get your dog restarted on their vaccines ?

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